Dark (Netflix Original) review


Dark (2017 - )

Dark is a series developed by Netflix, of German language – its spark real genuine joy for those who love cryptic mystery noir. From the start, we are directly sett into why it is called dark, very little lights are used in this series. Some of the series is in forests, caves and darkened houses, which makes sure the visibility kept short. Sometimes it is quite difficult to spot anything, especially on a mobile phone screen. We become to know some core families and affiliates, to whom we are supposed to care for or keep notes on their whereabouts. You never know quite whom to route for or whom is redeemable, cause they all do actions or ignore stuff which makes one question their morality or ability to see causes of action. Concepts which surronds Dark are “time” and “space”, “duality”, “mortality” “Oedipus complex”, and Fredric Nietzsche, also questions surrounding enviroment and the rice of nuclear power as source of energy is themes in the series. The quality of Dark lies in the acting and pacing alone makes it a good series to watch. It do not rush nor drags any points. The series manage to hold on to its concept and both be entertaining, exploring and philosophical. Feeling of being constantly unsure on where the show goes next becomes a driving force for the series. It manages to complete a full 10 episodes season with enough tension and cliff hang to continue on next. Fans of Stranger Things will find this to be less funny yet still as mysterious and thrilling. Lots of things to think about and to theorise for those whom like a little mystery and quirky stories to wrestle with.  

text Christoffer Rekstad