Valuable membership causes generous participation for serving others and yourself.

In this year marks an anniversary for many memberships. As I have made from my move to Oslo from Stavanger. I manage to make three memberships of specific kind that were important for my character build and genuine satisfaction as an individual. I have been now, a member of three quite distinguished and respected places, which have given me both nice experiences, and impactful challenges have shaped me. All these memberships have lasted for four years, and I do not regret any of them. All memberships have been four years now and they started in close frequency between them which makes a comparison a given.

I am a member of Fitness Express, which give me a stable and necessary reason to workout. To have a steady plan to have a wellness and fitness schedule. A schedule of max importance for me whom have a weight issue, I need to have stable routines and steadfast motivation to push myself to reach certain goals. To have a safe workout place where you feel comfortable with enough apparatus and space to move about. I feel when I do not do regular workout that it is bad for my mind, one does not cope when one have bad conscious for not doing regular exercise.

I am a member of Fountain House Oslo East, which has given me as a person plenty of valuable experiences, a place of belonging and a place to participate. At the fountainhouse you manage to give others and yourself a sense of purpose and will to work, not out of others needs but for personal growth and in a collegial environment which is the foundation for the clubhouse to function. As I am a person whom struggle with mental health issues and low self-esteem, fountainhouse gives me a purpose, which evolves to meaning which again takes a turn towards motivation. Motivation again turns towards engagement. Motivation and engagement are key words for my want and drive inside the house.

I am a member of Chateau Neuf, which is the student house for students of Oslo. To be part of an organization that wants to serve culture to people, that hosts events and give a reason for experiences fun and creates space for you to endulge in a multitude of cultural evnts for you to experience and also participate in its making, is so worth it. Give a place for students to experience culture in a rich, and varied output. A place to go for me to participate in quiz, be an artist host, serve a venue, be at service as both invaluable and enriching, give that 110 in a voluntary setting is worth everything. Moreover, one get cheap beer.   

Membership opens up avenues of opportunities which serves one purpose and that is growth. Growth of several paths in one’s own mental cabinet, being it motivation, engagement, empathy, willpower, self-esteem, cognitive stability.  A way to belong in something more than oneself and when you do not have a particular job to go to, a membership causes you to take responsibility and action in your self-development.

Membership is servitude and a will to belong in a social sphere of others influence, and where yourself can create a space for others to thrive.

That is the spirit of membership, the beehive of the society.

 Peter Christoffer “Orion” Rekstad